The Right DJ Hire for Your Wedding Can Make All the Difference

If it is your time or a friend’s to get married, you have been to your fair share of weddings, and you know that the right DJ hire can make or break a reception. Glamour Entertainment Group might be just what you need; if truth be told, we know it is what you need to make your day a fun, entertaining event that your guests will enjoy.

We have all been to that one wedding that was long-winded, boring and dry – but we believe this celebration should be a fun, happy occasion for all involved. The power of music can do wonders to create a happy, entertaining atmosphere that will add to the lovely memories of the day.

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Problems We Solve as DJ for Hire in Adelaide

If your wedding is the first event you’re organising, you might be a tad in the dark about what can go wrong on the day. Many brides spend most of their time on backup plans or planning every little thing to the T to avoid anything going wrong on the day. With our experience in the wedding and entertainment industry for more than eight years, we understand and are prepared for possible pitfalls:

  • DJ is off sick. Should your DJ fall ill or not be able to make the event, we always have an assistant DJ that can take their place. No matter what emergency or unfortunate event may occur, you will have a DJ on your wedding day – we’ll make sure of it.
  • Disco vibes. We bring our own set of lights to add to the atmosphere and provide even more entertainment with the music. If not used correctly, lighting can become very annoying and may even prevent people with epilepsy or guests sensitive to light and sound from having a good time. Our lights are software controlled with Dual Truss and White Scrim, and we can programme it to the intensity and frequency you prefer or to the rhythm of the music. Not a service you will find at all DJs for hire.
  • MC headache. Who the MC at your wedding will be can cause a stir as you and your partner might disagree about the appropriateness of his best friend’s lame jokes or his dad’s tendency to drag out his stories. We can take the pressure off your relationship by providing a host for your reception as part of our wedding packages. You will have a professional leading the ceremony, and they will be sure only to tell your pre-approved jokes.

Life is unpredictable, but be sure that we can and will do our best to have a backup plan and to sort out any problems fast and efficiently should anything go wrong. The more aspects of the event you place in a professional’s hand, the more you can feel at ease that your wedding will be all you want.

Book Your Wedding DJ Early

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable occasions in your life and one that requires fun and joyous memories. It can be daunting to start listing all the aspects that need arranging. Once you’ve decided upon potential dates for your wedding, the DJ and venue should be one of the first things you select and book. This way, you stand a better chance of getting your first choice. Be sure to check what the wedding DJ hire includes, such as the number of hours covered in the fee, are additional hours allowed, and, if so, the cost. If you’re planning to have your wedding in Adelaide, we have wedding DJ packages to suit your theme and dreams.