What Makes Us Glamour?
We are NOT a one-man band at your wedding! If something unexpected happens to your DJ/Event Host, we’ve got you covered. With every wedding, we send out a minimum of two people: The Headliner and the backup/Assistant DJ. If something goes awry, we’re equipped to handle it!

We offer computer-controlled lighting, NOT spin and puke lighting. Most DJs use what’s known as ‘sound active lighting’. These are lights that emit random flashes, strobes, dots, and colours. At Glament, all our lighting is software controlled, doing only what we’ve programmed it to do. 

Mobile Wedding Planning! Say goodbye to paper forms and bulky planning booklets. Our exclusive Glamour wedding planning portal is Android and Apple compatible so you can plan your wedding anywhere you go!

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Here at Glamour Entertainment, we’re here to take some of the pressure off with our all-inclusive bridal bundles. No two bundles are the same but what they do have in common are their class and versatility. Read more about our comprehensive, glamorous Bridal Bundles below: 


Welcome to Glamour Entertainment, your gateway to exceptional music, entertainment, and unforgettable moments. We specialize in crafting the perfect musical experience for a wide range of events, from weddings and corporate functions to private parties and special occasions. Our dedicated DJ brings a wealth of expertise to ensure your event is a resounding success.

DJ entertaining a wedding reception with lively music


Steve or also known as DJ Stelio has the experience spanning thousands of weddings, corporate functions, and private events. He possesses a genuine and dedicated approach, unwavering in his commitment to ensuring the success of his clients’ events. Steve’s elite entertainment services go above and beyond the typical DJ experience, making him the preferred choice among clients as Adelaide’s Entertainment top DJ. 

BASE RATE: $1300

Evening DJ Services (Up to 6 Hours)

Comprehensive DJ setup featuring speakers, wireless microphone, dancefloor lighting, and DJ control station.

DJ Takes the Mic: Your All-in-One Wedding Entertainment Solution!

Two-in-One Service: DJ and MC All in One for Your Event!

DJ to MC Package

Introducing the "DJ to MC Package" featuring our skilled Adelaide DJ Steve, who will not only provide exceptional music but also take on the role of an MC to host your event.


Micahel is a dynamic  DJ, radiating enthusiasm and vibrant energy. He takes immense pleasure in blending your preferred song requests with the hottest tracks spanning the past five decades. Whether he’s delighting a gathering of 200 for a wedding celebration or crafting an electrifying playlist for a corporate dance floor, Michael effortlessly adapts to any setting.

BASE RATE : $1100

Evening DJ Services (Up to 6 Hours)

Comprehensive DJ setup featuring speakers, wireless microphone, dancefloor lighting, and DJ control station.

Adelaide Dj at an engagement


Elevate your wedding celebration with our lively and energetic Master of Ceremonies, the key ingredient for an extraordinary day filled with laughter, fun, and unforgettable moments.

High-Energy Entertainer
Our MC exudes infectious energy, infusing your event with an undeniable sense of excitement and enthusiasm. Their vibrant presence will keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout the day.

Interactive and Engaging
Get ready for a wedding that’s not just a spectator sport but an immersive experience. Our MC specializes in interactive entertainment, ensuring your guests are active participants in the festivities.

Personalized Performance
Your wedding is unique, and our MC understands the importance of tailoring their performance to match your style and preferences. From sentimental moments to the most joyful, our MC adapts to create the perfect atmosphere for every phase of your celebration.

Wedding MC


Meet Petro, our vivacious and dynamic Master of Ceremonies, the ultimate entertainer who will infuse your wedding with an irresistible dose of energy and fun. With a passion for creating memorable moments and a magnetic stage presence, Petro ensures your wedding is a lively and engaging affair. Petro’s exuberance is infectious, setting a cheerful tone for the entire event.

Petro ensures the event flows smoothly, expertly coordinating with other vendors, such as the DJ, photographer, and caterers, to ensure a well-synchronized and stress-free celebration.

A professional MC, who engages with the audience and interacts with the couple.  


Jason is an outgoing, fun and loved type of MC, he loves to interact with guests and is a professional. He loves to have fun and takes his role serious. Jason will call the couple and chat to them about their vision of how they see their special day. He will ensure all vendors are ready to capture all the special moments at the reception. He is well spoken, will dress to impress and be your own personal assistant throughout the time of your reception.

Jason is a very well respected person within the community and his passion for engaging the audience is what makes him shine!

A professional MC, who engages with the audience and interacts with the couple. 

Adelaide Wedding MC


You’ve chosen your wedding DJ, but why stop there? Elevate your wedding to new heights with our exclusive enhancements. Make your special day even more extraordinary by exploring our additional services!



Our dry ice effect machine adds a captivating cloud-like ambiance to your dancefloor, elevating your first dance experience and enhancing the visual appeal of your video and photography. Opting for two machines allows us to create this effect during your entrance, where you’ll walk through a mesmerizing cloud, resulting in a breathtaking photograph.

This enhancement also covers the presence of a staff member to operate the machines, as well as the delivery, setup, and teardown services.


Experience the latest and most exciting trend! Elevate your first dance or exit with a spectacular touch. These spark machines, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, offer a completely safe and visually stunning experience. You can choose to incorporate them inside your reception venue or outside for a memorable exit.

This enhancement package encompasses the services of a dedicated staff member to operate the spark fountains, along with delivery, setup, and teardown services for your convenience.


Introducing our Salsa booth, an open-air photo booth experience that comes with a customizable backdrop, a proficient attendant, and unlimited photo prints. We also provide an assortment of entertaining props.

Here’s what’s included:

  • A friendly attendant
  • A backdrop from our Standard Collection
  • Instant photo sharing via email or text
  • Access to photos, GIFs, boomerangs, and videos
  • Infinite color prints with immediate printing
  • Custom print overlays
  • Choice of six available filters
  • Green screen capability
  • Virtual props
  • An array of fun props to enhance your experience


You invest considerable time and effort in coordinating the colors for your wedding, incorporating them into elements like dresses, centerpieces, and flowers. Imagine illuminating the walls of your venue with your chosen wedding colors using our 16 Up-Lights. These intelligent lights will make a grand entrance, illuminate the cake table, enhance your first dance, and transform the dancefloor ambiance using our advanced software to craft the ideal setting for dancing.

Elevate your dancefloor experience to an unparalleled level. We’ve designed breathtaking lighting scenes to transform any venue into a lively dance extravaganza like no other! 


Adelaide CO2 Guns

If you’re eager to leave a lasting impression on your guests in the most delightful way, we have the ideal solution for you with our Adelaide CO2 Guns for hire.

Make a grand entrance or announce the commencement of a fantastic party.

Our offerings include both entrance jets, which add a striking element to your photos and videos! You can even consider the “his and hers” option for added flair.



We utilize a battery-operated speaker positioned on a stand, accompanied by an iPod, to curate and play your selected music. This arrangement enhances the ambiance as your guests enjoy their glasses of champagne and engage in social interactions in the outdoor areas of the venue. This setup proves especially beneficial when guests are situated at a distance from the main reception area, effectively preventing any awkward moments of silence.


Elevate the celebration at your wedding with our exquisite Confetti Cannons, a delightful addition to your special day. These elegant devices are designed to infuse your wedding moments with a burst of enchantment and joy.

Our Confetti Cannons create a magical shower of confetti, scattering a colorful cascade of tiny, biodegradable paper pieces into the air. Your guests will be captivated as the confetti gently flutters down, creating a dreamlike atmosphere of whimsy and romance.

We provide a professional technician to ensure seamless coordination with your wedding program. 


Illuminate your wedding day with our captivating Wedding Light Up Letter Hire service, where letters aren’t just letters – they’re radiant symbols of love and celebration.

Our collection of lighted letters, available in various styles and sizes, adds a touch of elegance and personalization to your wedding decor. Whether it’s your initials, the word “LOVE,” or a custom message, these luminous letters provide a warm and inviting ambiance that enchants your venue.



We employ a dual concealed microphone setup, ensuring an absolute assurance that every word spoken will be audibly transmitted to each and every guest. This add-on service encompasses the necessary equipment required to conduct the ceremony at any location on the property, offering a seamless audio experience for all attendees. 


Our extensive services encompass the seamless presentation of your slideshow or video content, expertly designed graphic animations that include your personalized monogram, and a special inclusion of intelligent party lighting. This combination ensures a truly immersive and visually captivating experience that will leave a lasting impression on your event. Whether you want to share cherished memories through a dynamic slideshow or add a touch of elegance with a custom monogram, our comprehensive package is designed to meet your entertainment and visual needs, enhancing the overall atmosphere of your event. 


Elevate the elegance and personal touch of your wedding with our Custom Monogram service. A Custom Monogram is the quintessential way to add a unique and meaningful element to your special day.

Your custom monogram is a beautifully designed emblem, typically featuring your initials or a combination of your names, crafted to reflect your individual style and the essence of your love story. This monogram serves as a symbol of unity and a focal point in your wedding decor, creating a sense of identity and exclusivity.  


Waterfall Cold Sparks: Elevate Your Event with Dazzling Magic

Immerse your event in a world of enchantment and wonder with our Waterfall Cold Sparks, a truly mesmerizing and awe-inspiring special effect that will leave your guests in awe.

These captivating Waterfall Cold Sparks emit a mesmerizing cascade of cold sparks that gracefully descend from above, creating an ethereal and otherworldly atmosphere. Unlike traditional pyrotechnics, these sparks are completely safe, non-flammable, and emit no heat, making them suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor events. 


Elevate your wedding entertainment package by clicking below to explore our Signature Enhancements and discover how you can turn your special day into a truly personalized and memorable experience.


Introducing an extraordinary entrance experience for the newlyweds that adds a touch of sophistication to your reception: the ethereal cloud effect. As the couple gracefully walks through, this remarkable effect is seamlessly integrated with our intelligent lighting, illuminating the entrance with a radiant white glow, enhancing the overall visual allure. Aptly named “Moving Through the Clouds,” this enchanting feature transforms the entrance into a captivating journey, elevating the ambiance and creating a truly magical moment for the newlyweds and their guests.


Elevate your celebration with four strategically placed cold spark wave machines that seamlessly orchestrate a breathtaking wave effect as the newlyweds share their first dance. Behold the mesmerizing spectacle of undulating sparks, creating a dynamic and captivating backdrop that adds an extra layer of enchantment to this unforgettable moment. Experience the sheer magic of The Swan Effect, where each spark contributes to a symphony of visual splendor, transforming the dance floor into a realm of unparalleled elegance and charm.


Why not add a live Performer?  Elevate Your Wedding Day with the Enchanting Touch of Live Music. Make Your Special Day Even More Memorable with our Live Performers. 


All Night Experience

Andrew is one of Adelaide’s best bouzouki players. As part of one of Adelaide’s leading Greek bands for many years, he recently ventured across to Glamour Entertainment Group. Andrew’s skill and talent on the bouzouki enhances the DJ with all the latest and loved music. Andrew’s library of music is huge. There is no doubt that he will turn any song into something spectacular! Dj Music is great, Andrew just makes it feel like you have a full live band!

Bouzouki will be included with one of our DJs all night!
Includes couple Entry with song of your choice.

Lebanese Drums

All Night Experience

Giorgo is one of our talented drummers. He grew up in a musical environment and is one of our most talented musicians. Giorgo can play the Bongos, The Big Drum and the Darbuka. He is renowned to get on one knee and bang that drum, he knows and understands that theatrics is what creates atmosphere, he does just that at every event! 

Want two Lebanese Drums?

Total performance time is 3 hours. They are there from start to finish. We also include couples entry into the reception. 


All Night Experience

Michael is one of Adelaide’s best Clarinet players who knows all our music and easily adapts with the DJ. He mingles with guests and creates an unreal atmosphere in the room. When you add Michael with bouzouki, lets just say it cannot be compared to anything you have seen. He easily adapts between Greek and English music making him truly versatile at all our weddings. 


With one of our DJs all night! Includes couple Entry with song of your choice.


All Night Experience

The fusion of a saxophonist with a DJ has garnered immense popularity in clubs, at events, and especially during weddings. Our Glamour Saxophonist has emerged as a trailblazer in this movement, and he unquestionably possesses the art of electrifying any gathering. 


With one of our DJs all night! 


All Night Experience

Bongos and congas bring an authentic, live music atmosphere to the forefront. There are compelling reasons why bongos have become a regular and beloved presence at our weddings. In simple terms, these instruments elevate your favorite songs and transform them into vibrant, live wedding music experiences! If you’re seeking that genuine live music ambiance for your wedding, having a bongo player (or including a saxophonist) is the perfect choice!


All Night Experience

The darbuka produces hypnotic, rhythmic beats that resonate with passion and energy. It has the power to draw everyone onto the dance floor and infuse your celebration with an authentic, mesmerizing atmosphere. Whether you’re planning a traditional wedding, a fusion celebration, or a themed event, the darbuka seamlessly blends with various musical genres and themes. It complements live bands, DJs, and other musical elements, making it a versatile choice for any wedding style.


Are you dreaming of planning an extraordinary wedding that combines all of the above and more? Look no further, because our Signature Wedding Packages are here to turn your wedding vision into a reality. Elevate your celebration with our exclusive offerings and craft a truly remarkable wedding experience. These handcrafted packages are a blend of artistry, entertainment, and sophistication, tailored to make your wedding an extraordinary experience that reflects your unique love story.




At Glamour Entertainment, we understand that your wedding day is once-in-a-lifetime celebration, and we’re here to make it truly extraordinary with our exclusive signature OPA  Experience Package.

Our comprehensive package is designed to elevate your wedding experience by combining expert DJ services, a charismatic Master of Ceremonies (MC), ambient venue up lights, and mesmerizing intelligent lights on towering displays. But that’s not all – we go above and beyond by adding live entertainment to the mix with a talented bouzouki musician and a skilled drummer, creating a symphony of sounds that will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

Key Features of Our OPA DJ Wedding Package:

  1. Expert DJ Services: Djstelio Adelaide masters in creating the perfect atmosphere for your wedding. From the ceremony to the reception, he will curate a playlist that reflects your unique style and ensures everyone is on the dance floor. His Greek music has been produced in Greece by musicians who perform for all the A-List Singers. Knowone in Australia has any of these exclusive recordings.
  2. Charismatic Master of Ceremonies (MC): A skilled MC is the heartbeat of any event. Our charismatic MC will guide your guests seamlessly through each moment, adding a personal touch to announcements and keeping the energy high.
  3. Ambient Venue Up lights: Transform your wedding venue into a magical setting with our ambient up lighting. Choose from a variety of colors to match your wedding theme and create an enchanting ambiance that enhances the overall aesthetic.
  4. Intelligent Lights on Towers: Elevate the visual experience with our intelligent lights mounted on towering displays. These lights move and synchronize with the music, adding a dynamic and captivating element to the dance floor.
  5. Live Entertainment – Bouzouki Musician and Drummer: Immerse your guests in a unique musical experience with a live bouzouki musician and drummer. Their performances will add a touch of cultural richness and excitement to your celebration.




We know that your wedding day is a unique celebration of love, and we’re here to make it absolutely unforgettable with our exclusive Glamour Experience DJ Wedding Package. This all-inclusive package brings together expert DJ services, a captivating Master of Ceremonies (MC), ambient venue up lights, and dynamic intelligent lights on towering displays. But that’s not all – we’re taking it up a notch by adding the soulful melodies of a skilled saxophonist, making it the perfect choice for couples seeking a distinctive and memorable wedding experience.

Key Features of Our Glamour Experience DJ Wedding Package:

  1. 1. Expert DJ Services: Our seasoned DJs will curate the perfect playlist for every moment, ensuring your wedding day is filled with the tunes that resonate with your style and get everyone on the dance floor.
  2. 2. Charismatic Master of Ceremonies (MC): Let our charismatic MC guide your guests seamlessly through the festivities, adding a personal touch to announcements and maintaining a lively atmosphere.
  3. 3. Ambient Venue Up lights: Transform your wedding venue into a mesmerizing space with our ambient up lighting. Choose from a variety of colors to match your wedding theme and set the perfect mood for your celebration.
  4. 4. Intelligent Lights on Towers: Raise the visual impact with our intelligent lights on towering displays. These lights move and groove to the music, creating a dynamic and visually stunning experience on the dance floor.
  5. 5. Live Entertainment – Saxophonist: Add a touch of sophistication and soul to your celebration with the soulful sounds of a skilled saxophonist. Their live performance will enhance the romantic ambiance and bring an Aussie flair to your wedding.


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